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i was reading the youtube comments on trust issues and wow i am just so happy. you guys are so supportive and kind... the fact that you love my music means so much more to me than you will ever know. i started writing songs when i was maybe 6 or 7 years old and have always loved it. in high school, back when i made covers on soundcloud that i recorded on my phone, i remember posting a few original songs and being completely made fun of for them. i wrote trust issues in my bedroom in the dark while blasting an instrumental track i found on soundcloud and i never thought anyone would hear it because i was still so afraid of it not being good enough or just people thinking i was weird. so many artists don't write their own music these days... a lot of them aren't even in the session when the song is being made which just blows my mind. my music is so personal to me because it really is my words, whether i wrote it completely by myself or co wrote it with someone else, it all comes straight from my heart. i bare my soul to the world with every song i write, and knowing that it is appreciated brings me so much joy. that's why this means the world to me... i love you all so much for making my dreams a reality.



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