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it really hurts my heart when people comment on my pictures that they wish they could look like me. believe me, i look at pictures of models and celebrities and have those same thoughts. i know how terrible it can feel to look at someone else and wonder why you don't look like them. that's why i never want to make anyone feel that way. a lot of people on social media are famous for their looks and it builds this constant need to look perfect to keep up this image they've created for themselves. most of the time, people only post pictures that they look their best in (good lighting, the right angles, using facetune, etc.) and they don't show you what is real. because most people never get to meet these people in person, it sometimes seems like they are too perfect to be real. realizing this, i looked back at all of the photos i post and also realized that i sometimes do the same. i wanted to post this picture of me with no makeup (aside from the fact that i have eyelash extensions) to show everyone that i am a real human. i don't have perfect skin and i could go on for hours about other things i don't like about myself, but that does not mean that i can't feel beautiful. i hope everyone that reads this can look in the mirror at their imperfections and all and feel great about what they see because truly no one is perfect and you should never have to feel like you would rather be someone else.



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