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a lot of people ask what my tattoo says and what it means so i'm gonna explain it and i'm also gonna to do a little bit of preaching because these past few months have been insane for me and i've realized a lot. if u can't tell, it says "forever" and it's there to remind me that nothing is forever and nothing is permanent except the tattoo itself. no pain is forever, and i will make it through. no happiness is forever, so appreciate it while it's there. sometimes it feels like all my dreams are becoming my reality and other times i feel like the whole world is against me and i can't do anything right. i spent most of my life thinking i was awful at everything i did. no matter what it was, i never even considered it a possibility that i could be amazing at something. sure, i got good grades and got by in the sports i played and extracurricular activities i did... but i was never the "best." there was always someone that i thought was better than me and it made me feel inferior like i could never even compare. i lived with this mindset towards every aspect of my life since i was in the fourth grade. when i started doing music i didn't think i would ever be where i am today. especially in the beginning, i thought i was nothing special and wouldn't ever go anywhere with it. in just these past few weeks i have worked with some people i have looked up to and listened to since i was in middle school and had no idea where life would take me. now, when i worry about not being "good enough" or not being "the best"... or even when i just get upset over little things like someone not liking me, i remind myself that i don't have to be perfect and how i'm feeling is so temporary. i let myself believe i was worthless for years because of things that i don't even think about anymore. and even the things that still get to me, like my self doubt, can NOT last forever. i am the textbook definition of insecurity and low self esteem but i'm still here pushing through because i know that NOTHING IS FOREVER. i'm just so proud of myself right now and soaking in all the happiness while it lasts...



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